Online Shopping for 4WD Tyres in Australia

Online Shopping for 4WD tyres in Australia

Online Shopping for 4WD Tyres

Since its release in 1985 by Toyota in the esteemed 75 series Landcruiser, online shopping for 4WD tyres in Australia has increased manifold. Basically, a modern 4WD (four-wheel drive or 4X4 AWD) vehicle will go anywhere you can walk; from Australian highway terrain to hostile tread patterns for severe off-road driving, thus giving your comfort and performance in Australia’s varied road conditions.

However, safety can be a serious concern when driving with 4WD tyres if you don’t have the required skills and knowledge. First and foremost, you must possess a fair degree of understanding about the mechanics of 4WD vehicle and effects of water and dust on its off-road results.

Here are a few things you must take care of while driving a 4WD vehicle:

  • While offroading, take care of bulldust which can be confused with sand. By making sure your tyres are properly inflated and by maintaining a constant speed of 60 to 80 km/ hour, any impact on chassis with rock hard base under powder-fine stretches of bulldust can be avoided.
  • Pressure monitoring with a tyre pressure monitoring system is indispensable. This system senses even the slightest of leaks and warns you with an alarm and a flashing light. You can, thus, stop and put a temporary plug in the tyre before pressure drops too much to cause an accident.
  • Although with 4WD tyres, rock climbing is safer yet much skill is needed in driving through rocky terrains. Keep the tyres pointed to the high grounds all the time to avoid high centring which can lead to disastrous hanging of vehicle up on cliffs. While climbing rocky slopes, torque is more important than power. So, it is a good idea to select first or second gear low range to simply let go the vehicle over any obstacles. Also, make sure to follow recommended limit of road tyre pressure. A drop in pressure should only be considered when your vehicle is stuck and other recovery methods have failed.
  • While mud plugging, put tyres on high ground to avoid hauling through mud. Getting through mud becomes easier when steady throttle and high range are maintained. While driving a 4WD vehicle on beach too, such tactics are recommended, along with continual momentum and partially deflated tyres as beaches are generally windblown with soft and traction-depleting sand.

Your concern in using 4WD tyres starts with careful online shopping for tyres in Australia. So, pick your tyres as per your budget and needs cautiously.