Car Tyres for Sale

Car Tyres for Sale

Car tyres for sale

Consumers everywhere love quality with affordability or low prices. The consumers across Sydney has also believes on the same psyche. Like other industries across customers increasingly looking at buying high quality and longer durable tyres in Australia. Usually tyres age by the lot and it is best for them to be replaced in the lot. It is used for various types of vehicles like car tyres, van tyres and truck tyres etc. Some sellers may argue that only front or back side tyres be replaced together. However given that each brand of tyres comes with a different tread and different chemical composition, we at Nu Tyres always recommend our customers that it is best to replace all 4 tyres together towards better and smooth driving experience.

When a consumer takes a decision to replace tyres by the lot, it makes quite an impact on the bank account. While prices for small size cars may start from under $50 per tyre, when bought in lot sizes of 4 the minimum hit on the bank account could start from $200 for the customer. As the vehicle size increases so does the size and price of tyres.

Car tyres for sale come from a multi channel supply chain. Starting from Manufacturers to country level distributors to wholesalers to retailers, there are mark ups in each part of the supply chain to reflect storage, shipping and profit booking. If any of these channels can be eliminated the price mark ups can be reduced and the benefits be passed to the customers.

In Sydney, we are the trusted seller of car tyres which ensures quality as well as durability and our long customer track record validates this. Nu Tyres directly deal with the country level distributors in Sydney and Australia for most brands of tyres stocked by it. As a result our tyre prices match those of Car Tyres for Sale being quoted by wholesalers, which provides customers a great cost savings. The savings can then be spent on other important expenses such as purchase of fuel, grocery or anything else or for buying even better brand tyres.

Given that we stock both mass market and premium brand tyres including Yokohama, Rotalla, Austone Athena, Kenda etc; customers have a wider choice of wholesale tyre prices to choose from and keep their car in the best running condition. If you are looking at buying high quality tyres at wholesale price, please visit Nu Tyres at Kurrajong Ave.